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Hip Hop Nationalism Free Essays

Hip jump is a type of craftsmanship that has been mainstream for as long as twenty years. Despite the fact that individuals lately regularly botch rap music as obscene and discourteous, the hip bounce network keeps on giving an extraordinary method to channel feeling and soul into their music. In his article, â€Å"The State of Rap: Time and Place† Jeffrey Louis Decker outlines the dark patriotism inside the hip jump network by investigating how Black Nationalism can be represented inside the hip bounce music. We will compose a custom exposition test on Hip Hop Nationalism or then again any comparable point just for you Request Now Before hip jump was brought into the American culture, the dark network felt as though their place of starting point was Africa. This was where the dark network romanticized their own governmental issues (Decker 2008, 54). Garveyism, presented by Marcus Garvey, started the early Black Nationalist developments. During the Black Nationalist development it advanced a variety of dark pride which later gave extraordinary motivation to up and coming hip jump craftsmen who â€Å"rapped† to their crowd the battles of the regular dark person. The styles of craftsmen later turned out to be more â€Å"Afrocentric† which implied that the music rotated around communicating worth. Craftsman, for example, Afrika Bambaataa acquainted his style of music with the world having his music known as the most punctual type of hip jump. With respect to ladies, they were keen on advancing that they were from â€Å"Mother Africa†. Ladies hip bounce craftsman were entranced by dark ladies freedom, so a large portion of them began to join those thoughts in their refrains. There are rap tunes that advance the activist â€Å"Nation of Islam† which later got known as the Black Panther Party. As more shameful acts happen to the dark network, hip bounce music turned into a platform to voice their suppositions. For instance, when Rodney King was fiercely beat by the LAPD on March 3, 1991 (Decker 2008). The entire Rodney King occurrence subsequently gave Ice Cube motivation for his collection Death Certificate. Hip jump craftsmen are normally not associated with governmental issues however are most emphatically engaged with the social legislative issues which bind to the working and urban poor blacks. In the long run hip bounce craftsmen later respected themselves by the name â€Å"hip jump nationalists†. In the sixties, self broadcasted hip bounce patriot rapper Paris debut his collection, The Devil Made Me Do It, which communicated something specific on how he anticipates building the dark country. From his tracks â€Å"Panther Power† to â€Å"The Hate That Hate Made†, Paris ensured that his crowd realized he connected with the Black Panther Party. During 1988, hip jump denoted a milestone on rap music history since the time MTV advanced their hip bounce program called â€Å"Yo, MTV Raps! † and around the same time a hip jump gathering, Public Enemy, discharged their subsequent collection, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, which gave the dark patriot its originally plugged articulation for two decades. The on different occasions the dark network was socially abused, hip jump craftsmen kept on voicing their conclusions. I accept hip jump is extraordinary to voice a supposition and advance self-esteem. Experiences, for example, the Rodney King case started a tremendous shock inside the dark network. Decker makes reference to in the article that during the Rodney King preliminary, the white officials from LAPD have been cleared by an all-white jury charged for the mercilessness of Rodney King (Decker 2008, 55). Ice Cube was brought in for a meeting, yet he declined as a result of the ties he has made with the dark network. Circumstances, for example, the Rodney King trail gave a great deal of social strain among whites and blacks. Decker guarantees that huge numbers of country cognizant rappers, similar to Ice Cube, attempt to continue their connections to the dark network which their music is a piece of. Hip jump specialists who rap about Black Nationalism are required in light of the fact that it reveals reality with regards to how whites frequently abuse blacks. Rapping is an approach to communicate one’s supposition and furthermore give point of view. Rappers, for example, Paris catch their viewpoint in their verses they have in his collection, The Devil Made Me Do It. The music that is advanced by the rappers offer the dark populace self-esteem. At that point, the lesson of the dark populace had been at an unsurpassed low thinking about that blacks were more often than not given the shorter finish of the stick. Little angles living turned out to be progressively tedious to manage. Being that huge numbers of the African plunge were slaves, the white populace frequently criticized blacks as though they were creatures. In any case, as hip jump music was presented, it permitted many dark people become pleased that they were from the â€Å"Nation of Islam†. Standard hip bounce music frequently creates music that doesn't speak to what the genuine intensions of rap music. The style of rap music has made it simple for one to voice their suppositions. The specialty of rap has been around since the time the Black Panther Party chose to use dark patriotism in their stanzas. I accept that it was significant for the dark network to advance hip jump music since it permits one to completely convey their feeling while simultaneously advance self-esteem. Especially for the dark network, I discover it as an incredible method to educate the young about this present reality shameful acts their predecessors once lived in. By making some noise, they advanced social balance just by having the guts to state what is at the forefront of their thoughts. By comprehension other’s perspective, perhaps we as a whole can understand others in various ethnic gatherings. Step by step instructions to refer to Hip Hop Nationalism, Papers

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How to Create a Growth Mindset as an Entrepreneur

How to Create a Growth Mindset as an Entrepreneur WHAT IS A MINDSET?A mindset is a set of beliefs, assumptions, the views that a person (or a group of people) hold. They determine how we handle situations in life, how we understand them and what actions we decide to take.They are an indicator of whether our minds are ready to sustain the effort needed to achieve success â€" in school when we are young or in business when we become adults. Carol Dweck is a psychology professor at Stanford University. Her fields are social and developmental psychology and her peak interests are motivation, personality, and development.In 2006, she published a book ‘Mindset: The new psychology of success’ and, in 2012, she published ‘Mindset: How you can fulfill your potential’.She used the term ‘mindset’ in the context of motivation and preparedness to grow. Her idea of fixed and growth mindsets was revolutionary.Let us take a short look at these two concepts.FIXED VS. GROWTH MINDSETThe basic difference between the two is as simple as pass iveness and activeness in terms of understanding one’s talents and intelligence.These are actually seen as two extremes on a scale, therefore one person need not have a strictly fixed or growth mindset.People with a fixed mindset see their intelligence as fixed, unchangeable. They do not try to practice and improve their skills.On the other hand, people with a growth mindset see their skills as developable. They believe that they will become better, more skillful and more knowledgeable through hard work.We will go through the basic differences between the two concepts.Fixed MindsetGrowth MindsetFailurePermanentChance to learnBad criticismPersonal attackChance to improveEffortMinimalWork hardPreferred tasksEasyDifficultObstacleGive upSolve problemsFocus onResultsProcessTaking risksNot likelyVery likelyPeople with a fixed mindset see talent and intelligence as something that cannot be changed.Therefore, for them, there is no reason for any effort to be made in order to develop skill s. They see failure as permanent.If they cannot solve something now, they will not be able to do it in the future either. They understand criticism as a personal attack. They prefer to take on simple and easy tasks and choose not to put much effort into dealing with them.When faced with an obstacle, they give up without much trying, as they do not believe that they will learn how to solve the problem. They are always focused on results. Taking risks is not something they would choose to do.People with a growth mindset are complete opposites of the ones with a fixed mindset. For them, failure and criticism are chances to learn and improve. They put much effort into their work and choose to do difficult tasks which will help them grow.They are not afraid of obstacles but gladly wrestle with problems to eventually solve them.Their focus is not on the results, but on the process, because this helps them grow. They see risks as another opportunity to try something new and advance their s kills. TIPS FOR CREATING A GROWTH MINDSETNow we will keep our attention on the growth mindset and see how its aspects influence a person who is (or wants to be) an entrepreneur.We will take one businessman as an example (we will call him Mr. Smith) and walk with this person through the tips for creating a growth mindset.Our entrepreneur has a small shop where he sells car parts. In order to run a successful business, he needs to adopt a growth mindset.Let us take a look at how he may manage to achieve this.1. Change the Fixed MindsetThe first step Mr. Smith has to take is to understand that his mindset leans towards fixed. He believes that he has developed his skills as much as was possible during his education and that they cannot be improved any more.He also thinks that he does not need to put much effort into becoming successful as his intellect cannot be changed. This is not the attitude of a successful businessman.If Mr. Smith wants to have a successful company, he needs to rea lize that he is not too old to learn new things.Developing new skills and gaining new knowledge happens throughout our lives. We ought to be open to changes at every moment.Every person changes over time, whether they realize that or not. People learn all the time, even without being aware of it.When Mr. Smith becomes aware of this, he will make a big step towards adopting the growth mindset.He will be prepared for furthering his skills, for learning about business and the goods he is selling, and for perceiving the right way to treat customers and business associates. He will understand that it is important to stand up after a fall and to take advantage of good opportunities even though they may seem risky.A way to change this mindset is to make a conscious effort to think in the manner of the growth mindset.Mr. Smith should try to do what seems uncomfortable if he realizes that that is the way to the advancement-wise way of thinking.2. Recognize Your WeaknessesAfter he has underst ood that success requires effort and that capabilities ought to be advanced, Mr. Smith is ready for step 2 â€" recognizing his strengths and weaknesses.It is vital that he be aware of his strong and weak sides. With this in mind, he can make out what aspects of his knowledge need to be improved.He may certainly decide to improve his strengths, and this should not be forgotten for sure. But maybe more attention should be paid to the weaknesses, to strengthening them.After making a list of what he needs to learn, he ought to sort it based on the importance. The most important lack of knowledge or skills needs to be addressed first. He may be able to work on two things at once. It is up to him.Recognizing our weaknesses has an awakening effect. We become aware of what we have to work on; our view of our own self may change.But it is fundamental not to let this bring us down.This should just be motivation for us to work on our skills, abilities, and knowledge.If we choose to stay in our comfort zone and not change anything, we are surely in for failure.In that case, we would be stuck with what we are now, which is not good enough for who we need to be in the future.That is when people look for excuses â€" ‘this is not my thing, ‘I am wasting my time with this, etc.To get back to Mr. Smith â€" this step may put in perspective his further actions.He understood that he doesnt have enough knowledge about certain goods from his store and that his interpersonal skills need polishing. He will work to improve that.3. Focus on LearningIt is clear that transforming weaknesses into strengths happen via the process of learning. It may be studying from books or learning by practical means.In any case, this is a process whose result is the gained or improved knowledge or skill.The sole learning should be Mr. Smith’s focus.Though the final goal should be in his perspective in order for him not to lose his way, his focus at any given moment should not be on what he wants to achieve in the end.It takes time to learn, no matter what it is. Let us take into consideration the two things Mr. Smith labeled as his biggest weaknesses.First, it is the knowledge about the goods that he is offering his customers. We will agree that this is very important to know.Mr. Smith may choose to take a book, a booklet, or a manual about these and learn from them, and in the end to ask someone to ask him questions and in this way to estimate whether he has learned it or not. In this case, he has the final ‘exam’ in focus and learns in order to satisfy those questions.But is this really the right thing to do? Though learning in the manner of a schoolchild is necessary for him at this point, it is not the only thing he needs to do to reach his goal. He ought to immerse himself in the process. Practical involvement would be a great way to do this.For example, he may talk with customers and see what they think about the products in question.Maybe someone knows more than hi m about it. Also, customer satisfaction is a very important factor when you want to recommend a product (or to use it yourself).Second, in order to improve the interpersonal skills, he should immerse in the selling part of the business. He may want to watch his employee who works in the sales position or observe salespeople in other stores.He certainly needs to try it out himself and spend some time selling the goods himself. He may ask someone for advice. The focus should be on learning, experiencing, communicating.4. The Process Matters, Not the ResultsThis step is closely connected with the last one, so we will just add a few words about why it is important to focus on the process, and not on the results.We are talking about developing a growth mindset, the one where we are open to improving, learning new things.As we have already mentioned, the process of learning is important here.The result is certainly the motivator.However, having only the result in focus does not help us go through the process easily. We will not enjoy learning. Maybe we will fail to notice a piece of important information.It is not rare that we get new ideas from something we are doing. One information may trigger a chain of thoughts which ultimately lead to a new marketing idea or how to present a new product.If we look at this tip from the perspective of a growing business rather than of personal growth, it still makes sense.Mr. Smith’s goal is to turn his small store into a big supplier at the national level. Instead of thinking only about this goal, it would be much better for him to enjoy the slight growths his store makes regularly.In this process, he will meet many interesting people â€" customers, partners, collaborators.He will visit conferences, fairs, bigger suppliers from which he will learn how to run his business. Going through all this without really focusing on it would be a waste of means and time.5. Difficulties Are OpportunitiesNo endeavor goes by without some ob stacles. They are those that make us stronger.Every problem, be it small and meaningless or big and important, is an opportunity for us to show how skilled and mature we are. People with fixed mindsets see those as reasons (or excuses) to give up. Mr. Smith used to be like that.However, after starting his own business, he realized that this is not a suitable way to go. Slowly, he changed his manner of thinking.Now he does not see difficulties as tragic obstacles which prevent him from reaching his goal, but as a challenge which is an inseparable part of success.He is not afraid of facing problems and he is excited to deal with them. After this change, his business started growing faster and faster.Difficulties put people out of their comfort zones, and that is why the instinctive reaction is to run away from it.However, it is much better for us to gather our strength and bravely go through it. We will emerge stronger, we will jump higher, we will run faster. We will make better deci sions.What does not kill you, makes you stronger. This became the motto of Mr. Smith.He has experienced many problems since he started his business â€" he had a period of a very small number of customers, the sign with the name of his store was printed with a spelling mistake, he had an issue with the amount of money needed to pay taxes â€" but he lived through them all. He was calm and decisive. He did not let obstacles get him down.6. Failure Leads to SuccessThe next step, closely related to the one above, is concerned with failure.As Mr. Smith is safely treading the path from a fixed to a growth mindset, he is learning to accept failure as an opportunity to learn and develop both his personality and his business. He is walking towards success.It is normal to fail. It can happen. We may try something new, which may seem risky. There are two possible outcomes â€" success or failure.Though we always want to succeed, it is smart to be aware that we may fail. And we should not be afra id of that.Being afraid of failure makes us want to retreat to the comfort zone, to give up, to shy away.The lucky ones who are strong enough to deal with these feelings are successful kind. Mr. Smith used his willpower to transform himself from a loser to a winner.Failing at something is another learning opportunity. We learn how not to do something. And that certainly is a piece of valuable knowledge.Mr. Smith has several failures. For example, he made a big discount hoping to attract more customers, but after some time noticed that his revenue became lower due to a bad calculation of the discount. But he did not close the store. He found a solution and got back on his feet.How we interpret failure is an indicator of how we will deal with it in the future.We may see failure as a definitive thing which shoes that we are not capable of doing something.On the other hand, we may see failure as just one attempt.In the next one, we will improve what we did wrong in the first one; maybe it will work.If not, there is the third attempt, the fourth, as many as we need. Is it not better not to give up?7. Do Not Fear CriticismThe last piece of advice for our dear Mr. Smith is not to fear criticism.This may be very hard. It is in our nature to want other people to have a good opinion of us. However, we should not let a bad critique take us down. Not everyone will agree with our choices.Not everyone agreed with Mr. Smiths decision to open a car parts store. Nevertheless, he did. And he does not think it was a mistake.It was hard for him to turn down the volume on the voices that were telling him not to do it.But, as he learned that that is a characteristic of a fixed mindset and that he would not succeed if he listens to them, he managed to change. Mind you, it was not easy, but it was worthwhile.There are various sources to get feedback about your business. It may be the customers.This is actually very useful, as we can get first-hand information about what to improve in our business.The feedback may come from our business associates or partners, or even from the people who are close to us, like our family or friends.It is very important to remember not to take criticism personally. We should sort what we hear and choose good ideas â€" they are bound to be there.FINAL WORDTo summarize, a mindset is a set of beliefs that guides us through our lives â€" both personal and business-related.There is a scale with two extremes â€" a fixed mindset at one end and a growth mindset at the other end. All of us are somewhere on that line.People who have a fixed mindset believe that the intelligence and talent a person has is not changeable, that it is fixed. They are not open to recognizing opportunities to learn and grow. They do not like to take risks. They prefer to do easy tasks which require little effort.On the other hand, people with a growth mindset see talent and intelligence as changeable. They are open to changes and learning. They always seek opport unities to advance their knowledge. This mindset is a recipe for success.You have read here about Mr. Smith, a small entrepreneur who has changed from a fixed to a growth mindset. You saw which tips he followed and which hardships he endured.If you want to create a growth mindset as an entrepreneur, you should follow some basic tips. You should recognize your mindset. If it leans towards fixed, find a way to switch to the growth mindset.You should have a clear picture of what your good and bad sides are. It is important to cultivate the strengths and to improve the weaknesses.After pinpointing them, you should sort them according to their significance and make a plan on how to turn them into strengths.Transforming a weakness into strength is achieved through learning and practicing. Remember that we learn during our whole life and do your best not to lose motivation.An entrepreneur always has new developments to follow, new products to sell, and new programs to use.While you learn, enjoy the process. You can get more than just the desired knowledge if you immerse yourself completely.Do not be afraid of unpleasant situations. They may be some smaller obstacles on your way to success. You may fail in something you are trying to achieve.Do not give up, this is a chance for you to draw some conclusions and to improve your mistakes next time.And lastly, do not fear criticism â€" it is an opportunity for you to hear something about your business from another angle.All in all, the ultimate advice is to be open and hard-working. Keep up the effort and it will produce good results!

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Kinship and Politics - 1504 Words

How do these texts illustrate the relationship between kinship and politics? In Greek Mythology, the power of right is passed by kinship in generations, and people’s belief in gods leads their life and their acts show gods’ will. In the meanwhile, politics originally indicates certain relationships are between politics and groups of individuals. Moreover, politics is always referred to methods, including the purpose and the use of power, for addressing impacts on the tendency of those individuals’ performance, as well as their engagement and activities in civic affairs. In result of that, theories of political behavior are aimed at explicating the influences that define an individual’s behaviors, opinions, and participation in civic†¦show more content†¦Athena brought in a new trial system, the introduction of jury, although she still respected that the male should be honored above all else for the sake of that she was born from Zeus’s thigh without any women’s distribution. Athena respects men above all else and so supports Orestes. We can have a look at texts below No mother gave me birth. I honor the male, in all things but marriage. Yes, with all my heart I am my Father’s child. I cannot set more stores by the woman’s death. She killed her husband, guardian of their house. Even if the vote is equal, Orestes wins. These texts provide Apollo and Athena the materials that they found evidences to support the thought of not guilty of Orestes. The violence in the old system has fallen to a continuing circle which forced the gods to find out a settlement of a new system of justice, in which the moral conflicts and disputes would fairly be resolved. The gods themselves could not judge cases, or else the world would be caught in the crossfire of the gods as it had during the Trojan War Thus, in the demand of the new system, the settlement at the end illustrates the relationship between kinship and politics, which is that the establishment of court and the introduction of jury has its own political influence. On the other hand, when the jury cannot achieve the same opinions, the kinship will be considered as an important factor as Apollo had mentionedShow MoreRelatedFamily As A Social Institution Of People927 Words   |  4 Pagesgreat life and happiness that come with it . Using this ideal description as a standard, we all admire and wish to live in such family while in reality it does not exist since all family are under strong variety of affect (economy , social, religion, politic...) this create a continuous conflict between their members making the real family structure very far from what we consider ideal. Family structure and the relationship between its members has changed dramatically over the last years. There are manyRead MoreWhy Is College Pilgrimage?98 3 Words   |  4 Pagesunderstanding of the relationship bonds formed by individuals while undertaking pilgrimages. Specifically, I want to explore the ways in which the altruistic behavior produces kinship cues that allow for the formation of this fictive kin relationship. Through ethnographic engagement, I seek to investigate how fictive kinship sustains itself throughout the pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. But, I also ideally want to discuss how people create relationships with ideals and symbols and howRead MoreThe Musuo Of Chin Matrilineal Kinship902 Words   |  4 PagesThe Musuo of China: Matrilineal Kinship The practice of matrilineal kinship is considered a myth by some cultures, but it is indeed very real for the Musuo of China. Matrilineality is the practice of linear descent through the ancestry of females. Many Western civilizations have a misconception of what is considered normal on a global scale, but many practices do, in fact, differ widely between different cultures. To illustrate this, the Musuo’s traditions and values in regards to marriage and familyRead MoreMorgan and Tyler1099 Words   |  5 Pagesanthropology, which makes them crucial to the growth and improvement of anthropology. Morgan focused on building upon his theory of social evolution in which he made links between social and technological progress. He studied and emphasized the kinship relationships across various cultures and larger social structures. Tylor built upon cultural evolutionism and studied it in depth in the Primitive cultures (his book). He focused on culture which included belief, art, morals and laws, but mostlyRead MoreThe Interesting Narrative Of The Life Of Olaudah Equiano1501 Words   |  7 Pagesof his childhood. A tale that was soon brought to end when he was kidnapped from his loving family and sold as a slave. Throughout the narrative, Equiano is searching for a family, like the one he lost. This is shown in â€Å"Filiation to Affiliation: Kinship and Sentiment in Equiano’s Interesting Narrative†, By Ramesh Mallipeddi. Also throughout Equiano’s quest for freedom we learn that he is a critical thinker, and being a writer in the 18th century meant living in the enlightenment era. In â€Å"The PoeticsRead MoreAfrican culture1286 Words   |  6 Pagesancestors have passed down, to an overall guide of how to live an everyday life until one dies. It is proven that relationships can exists between the members of two different societies. There are Seven institutionalized societal relations and they are Kinship, Alliance, Government, Inequality and Equality, Feudality, Association, and Exchange of Goods. These roles are a guide of a superiority and inferiority statuses. Chapter 2 This chapter opens into the topic of â€Å"Power.† Power is an important keyRead More The Yanomamo of the Amazon Basin Essay1458 Words   |  6 Pagesdespite their hesitancy to cooperate, a wise and ethical one? nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Chagnon spent his first five months collecting what he thought was an intricate and elaborate table of genealogical information, marriage relationships, and kinships within the Yanomamo village of Bisaasi-teri. He knew from the beginning that it would be difficult to obtain the actual names of the tribesmen because it is a symbol of honor, respect, dignity, and political admiration. The less your name was spokenRead MoreCaribbean Pleasure Industry And Big Pharma, Women And The Labour Of Love Essay1723 Words   |  7 Pagescomposition of sexuality, is how family systems and kinships seem to be the foundation of which we construct sexuality as a whole. Traditional families and kinships - families not bound by blood - are living amongst each other, largely in amity. Despite this, the importance of the patterns that we see within these relationships, such as single parenthood, age of marriages, and opinions on non-procreative or non-heteronormative sex, are enha nced through kinships and family ties. Predominantly in the WesternRead MoreEssay on INDIA: THE BEST FOREIGN MARKET852 Words   |  4 PagesINTRODUCTION When determining if a foreign country is a good market to expand into, many factors will help choose which market is best. These factors include Culture, Politics and Law, the Current National Economy, Market Size and Demand, Human Resources, and Financial Resources and Profitability. The factors listed above are not all-inclusive, but give a well-defined checklist to compare other markets. These factors will be discussed and prove that India is a great market to expand into forRead MoreThe Role Of Ethnicity And Its Effects On The Development Of Africa, Latin America, And Southeast Asia1106 Words   |  5 Pagesoften manipulated by the European rulers to contrivance a ‘divide and conquer’ technique and hegemony in the LDCs. The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of ethnicity in LDCs in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia on contemporary politics. First, a brief overview of the importance of ethnicity is addressed. Second, a brief discussion of the c olonial rulers used ethnicity to their advantage is provided. And, in conclusion, this paper will conclude the overall role of ethnicity in the

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Interpersonal Communication Is An Essential Element Of

Interpersonal communication is an essential element of the human existence. A substantial part of interpersonal communication is nonverbal. Adler, Rosenfeld, and Proctor define nonverbal communication as â€Å"messages expressed by nonlinguistic means† (204). These messages can be used for different reasons, intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes nonverbal communication is used to replace words, other times it is used to enhance words. There are also times nonverbal communication is used without the user’s awareness of having sent a message. It is said that â€Å"all nonverbal behavior communicates information† (Adler et al. 204). There are many ways a communicator can send nonverbal messages. These include body movements, facial movements,†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"There are at least 8 distinguishable positions of the eyebrows and forehead, 8 more of the eyes and lids, and 10 for the lower face† (Adler et al. 216). This makes the face one o f the most expressive parts of nonverbal communication. I witnessed a woman reacting to her party host tell a sexually inappropriate story around the dinner table. Her eyebrows were pinched, forehead was wrinkled, and she had a slight frown on the corner of her lips. This is a great example of facial displays because it involves many parts of her face working together to share her feelings. I interpreted her facial display to mean she was appalled and completely disapproved of the dinner conversation. It was clear that the woman did not want to be disrespectful by verbally sharing her opinion. She was able to show respect by withholding her words and providing a facial display instead. It is interesting to learn that vocal elements are not verbal communication. Vocal elements, or paralanguage, is â€Å"the way a message is spoken† (Adler et al. 220). Vocal elements include â€Å"rate, pronunciation, pitch, tone, volume, and emphasis† (Adler et al. 220). A good example of paralanguage is a wife saying to her husband â€Å"I’ve never seen you go shopping before,† with emphasis on the words â€Å"never† and â€Å"you.† It is safe to assume she is in disbelief that her husband hasShow MoreRelatedNursing Theorist, Hildegard Peplau Knew That In Order To1533 Words   |  7 Pagesknew that in order to care for patients, the nurse must establish a strong relationship with the patient. This is an essential element in being able to provide adequate planning, diagnosing, and the successful treatment of patients. Personally, my desire to learn more about Peplau’s theory is because it is a very significant quality to have as a nurse. Nursing is a very interpersonal career, and by forming trusting relationships with patients early in one’s nursing practice, I can provide the bestRead MoreThe Theory Of A Nurse1497 Words   |  6 PagesPeplau knew that in order to care for patients, the nurse must establish a strong relationship with the patient. This is an essential element in being able to provide adequate planning, diagnosing, and successfully treating patients. Personally, my desire to learn more about Peplau’s theory is because it is a very significant quality to have as a nurse. Nursing is a very interpersonal career, and by forming trusting relationships with patients early in one’s nursing practice, I can provide the best careRead MoreEffective Communication As A Health Care Professional1313 Words   |  6 PagesCommunication is about more than just exchanging information. It s about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the information. Effective communication is how you convey a message so that it is received and understood by someone in exactly the way you intended (L. Robinson, J. Segal, Ph. D., M. Smith. 2015). This paper looks at the requirements of effective communication as a health care professional and the essential concepts to have as a registered nu rse. Effective communication assistsRead MoreImportance of Interpersonal Communication Skills in Healthcare Professions1558 Words   |  7 PagesImportance of Interpersonal Communication sills in Healthcare Professions Interpersonal communication is a fundamental element to any healthcare interaction. First, second and third person communication skills are primary aspects of an interaction, encompassing both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It will be argued that rapport building and questioning are vital interpersonal skills in a healthcare context and possessing the ability to ensue a positive relationship between a healthcareRead MoreSummary With ever increasing pace of change and complexity within businesses, it is easy to900 Words   |  4 Pageseffective management aspects include problem solving, interpersonal communication, decision making, conflict management, negotiation, team building and motivation. To achieve these eminent skills with the accurate quality of management, an individual must begin with strengthening the skills that complement his/her best behaviour (Zenger 2009). Being self aware is highly important in today’s competitive environment and it is essential to exercise one’s existing positive managerial traitsRead MoreWhy Working Partnership With Others Is Important For Children And Young People1351 Words   |  6 Pagesyour job. Understand the importance of effective communication and information sharing in services for children and young people. Why clear and effective communication between partners is required. Communication is a complex activity involving words, body language, voice tone and volume, the topic under discussion, the prejudgments that people bring to the topic, and the â€Å"communication history† between participants in the discussion. Communication is effective when the recipient of a message understandsRead MoreNonverbal Communication And The Classroom902 Words   |  4 PagesTOPIC 1: Nonverbal communication in the classroom Communication is the ongoing exchange of messages that enables us to share our knowledge, attitudes, opinions and skills with one another (Miller, 1988). This process is composed of two dimensions – verbal and nonverbal . While is it undeniable that both the verbal and the nonverbal dimension are inseparable, research emphasises the dominance of the nonverbal message (cf., Argyle, 1975; Hall, 1966; Harrison Crouch, 1975; Knapp, 1978, cited in SmithRead MoreInformation And Ideas Is A Method Of Communication1129 Words   |  5 Pages Trading information and ideas is a method of communication. To be a successful and beneficial member of your workplace it is essential that you become skilled in all of the various ways of communication that are appropriate. The reason of communication is to get your message across to others clearly and with certainty. Doing this includes effort from both the one sending the message and the one receiving it. And it s a procedure that can be filled with error, with messages often misunderstood byRead MoreFormal Organizational Design And Informal Culture946 Words   |  4 Pagesprocesses. In most cases, challenges related to high employee turnover are a result of different factors with the main contributing factor being low satisfaction among employees, which could be attributed to different elements. Low satisfaction could be predicated by poor interpersonal communication problem among employees, which lowers their levels of satisfaction. Analysis The organisational culture of the company evaluated the performance of employees based on their individual efforts with seniority beingRead MoreHow Employees Can Work And Progress Relationships With Managers1669 Words   |  7 Pagesthrough the loyalty of customers. Communication skills are one of the essential parts of leading people to work successfully in the relationships with co-workers as well as clients in their commercial enterprises. Therefore, interacting with management, clients and team members in the workplace can help in order to enhance the interest of the business. Training staff to develop effective communication skills is indispensable for them to be stronger at interpersonal skills. To become greater in the

Contemporary Research on Parenting Free Essays

Contemporary Research on Parenting: The case for Nature and Nurture W. Andrew Collins, Eleanor E. Maccoby, Laurence Steinberg, E. We will write a custom essay sample on Contemporary Research on Parenting or any similar topic only for you Order Now Mavis Hetherington and Marc. Bornstein Current findings on parental influences provide more sophisticated and less deterministic explanations than did earlier theory and research on parenting. Contemporary research approaches include: (a) behavior-genetic designs, augmented with direct measures of potential environmental influences; (b) studies distinguishing among children with different genetically influenced predispositions in terms of their responses to different environmental conditions; (c) experimental and quasi-experimental studies of change in children’s behavior as a result of their exposure to parents’ behavior, after controlling for children’s initial characteristics; and (d) research on interactions between parenting and nonfamilial environmental influences and contexts, illustrating contemporary concern with influences beyond the parent-child dyad. These approaches indicate that parental influences on child development are neither as unambiguous as earlier researchers suggested nor as insubstantial as current critics claim. Although the use of donor sperm to enable couples with an infertile male partner to have children has been practiced for many years, it is only since 1983, following advances in reproductive technology, that infertile women have been able to conceive a child using a donated egg (Lutjen et al. , 1984; Trousin, Leeton, Beasanka, Wood, Conti, 1983). This procedure involves fertilization of the donated egg with the father’s sperm in the laboratory, followed by the transfer of the resulting embryo to the mother’s uterus. Thus, it is now possible for children to be born to, and raised by, mothers with whom they have no genetic link. A number of concerns have been expressed regarding the potential negative consequences of gamete donation for children’s psychological well being, the most common of which is that the practice of keeping information about genetic origin secret from the child may have and adverse effect on the quality of parent-child relationships and consequently on the child (Daniels Taylor, 1993; Schaffer Diamond, 1993). As few children are told that a donated sperm of egg had been used in their conception, the large majority grow up not knowing that their father or mother is genetically unrelated to them. Findings suggestive of an association between secrecy about genetic parentage and negative outcomes for children have come from research on adoption. It has been demonstrated that adopted children benefit from knowledge about their biological parents, and that children who are not given such information may become confused about their identity and ar risk for emotional problems ( Hoopes, 1990; Sants, 1964; Schechter Bertocci, 1990; Triseliotis, 1973). In the field of assisted reproduction, parallels have been drawn with the adoptive situation and it has been suggested that lack of knowledge of, or information about, the donor may be harmful for the child (Clamar, 1989; Snowden. 1990; Snowden, Mitchell, Snowden, 1983). From a family therapy perspective, secrets are believed to be detrimental to family functioning because they create boundaries between those who know and those who do not, and cause anxiety when topics related to the secret are discussed (Karpel, 1980). In examining the particular case of parents keeping secrets from their children, Papp (1993) argued that children can sense when information is being withheld due to the taboo that surrounds the discussion of certain topics, and that they may become confused and anxious, or even develop symptoms of psychological disorder, as a result. A further concern raised by the use of gamete donation is that parents may feel or behave less positively toward a nongenetic than a genetic child. It has been argued that the child may not be fully accepted as part of the family, and that the absence of a genetic tie to one or both parents may have an undermining effect on the child’s sense of identity (Burns, 1987). It has also been suggested that whether or not gamete donation has been used in thechild’s conception, the stress of infertility may lead to dysfunctional patterns of parenting, which may result in negative outcomes for the child (Burns, 1990). In spite of the expectations that children conceived by gamete donation may be at risk for psychological problems, a previous study of assisted reproduction families by the present authors (Golombok, Cook, Bish, Murray, 1995) foud a greater involvement in parentiong aoun donor insemination parents than among a control group of parents with a naturally conceived child, with no differences in the quality of parent-child relationships between donor insemination parents and either adoptive parents or parents with a genetically related child conceived by in vitro fertilization. The children in these different family types were functioning well and did not differ with respect to their emothions, behavior, or relationships. It was concluded that a strong desire for parenthood seemed to be more importand than genetic relatedness for fosteringtive outcomes may be expected in families where the child and the father are genetically unrelated compared with families where genetic link exists bet ween the father and the child. How to cite Contemporary Research on Parenting, Essays

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Trench Coat Mafia Essays - Crime, Dispute Resolution, Ethics

Trench Coat Mafia Trench Coat Mafia: Address the Hate Always remember that others may hate you but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself. - Richard Nixon A lot of people are trying to figure out why the two kids in Colorado went on a shooting spree. Many people are focusing on violence, guns, computer games, movies, television, and the free flow of information on the internet. These kids wouldn't have done what they did without a motivation. Their motivation was hate caused by hate. Here are my opinions on some of the things people are focusing on in the discussion this event has brought about: Violence: As Americans it is totally hypocritical for us to say that violence is bad. Every tax paying American supports violence and pays for it. In fact, we support an American foreign policy whose principal is that violence is a valid means to create peace. If you were truly against violence you wouldn't pay your taxes or would move to another country, like Switzerland, where they very rarely use violence (being a neutral country). As far as voting goes, you most likely voted for a congressperson or president who supports violence. If you didn't vote you are supporting the status quo of violence. Guns: As far as the guns related in this incident, numerous gun laws were broken even before the shooting occurred(about 20 laws). Yes, the gun laws probably need to be reviewed but there is obviously insufficient enforcement of the gun laws already in existence and inadequate punishment of the people who break the laws. Detailed statistics on this can be found at the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Computer Games, Movies, and Television: I totally agree that there are many violent computer games, movies, and television shows in the U.S. today. These types of media all have rating systems to help parents determine the suitability for their children. Unfortunately, parents fail to properly utilize these rating systems. Case in point: How many parents let their children under 13 see Jurassic Park? This movie was rated PG-13 and was very violent but I saw a lot of kids under 13 in the theater I was in. The next time you are in a PG-13 or R movie just observe who is in attendance. In regards to first-person shooting games, I really like this April 21st commentary on the subject. My view is that older teens shouldn't have any problem being exposed to these type of games as long as parents are involved with their kids and, like any other thing in their lives, make sure their children don't become overly obsessed with them. After all, we allow children interested in becoming chemists to have chemistry sets and children who are interested in becoming artists to have art supplies. Careers in the military or law enforcement, the last time I checked, are totally acceptable for children to pursue. The Internet: The current state of internet truly reflects the American ideals of free speech and unfettered access to information. Since the electronic world of the internet is a global enterprise, America can not pass laws to block information on the internet as America does not have jurisdiction over all of the content. Instead, parents must take a proactive role in ensuring two things: ol* That children have some barriers to inappropriate content(particularly hate). That children are sufficiently armed with knowledge and morales to deal with inappropriate information when they encounter it. If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much. - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Parents need to take responsibility for their own children's development into a responsible person. If you are concerned about other people's children not being raised properly, you can help guide them too. At Columbine High School there are big problems with the way some kids are being raised. Some parents have not taught their children that hate-violence is wrong. It appears that the students who committed the shootings were instigated to hate the jocks because some of them were bullies. Children need to be taught that the strength of the United States of America is based on our diversity. So called 'oddballs' should not be treated badly by other kids who do not belong to the same 'clique'. American's shouldn't be afraid of kids who where black. These children should be treated as valued members of our society, regardless of how they dress, and not be forced underground. Current